Blue Mountain Hotel

Baguio City is fabulous to invest a holiday in however the nagging problem mostly is cheap lodging. With land value and cost of residing in the populous city spiraling each season, is there anyplace there where lodging cheaply continues to be offered? Think about this accepted place they call Blue Mountain Hotel?
Well, we’ve very good news. Yes, the accepted place is Blue Hill Hotel. And it’s easy to find. Fall off at Camp Sioco waiting around shed on our way up Baguio and its own walking distance from there. Or, we might choose to fall off at the bus station (Victory Bus Series) and get a cab to bring us to Blue Mountain Hotel for only Php 35. How cheap could it be? For two persons it’s only Php 600 a night, or something similar to $13. That’s only Php 300 per person per night. The amenities at Blue Hill Hotel, however, are definately not being cheap. Each available room has cable television, nice shower and bathroom with hot or chilly shower fixtures, a big bed, terrace looking over amazing blue mountains, and cold or hot one-press water dispenser.
Blue Mountain Hotel is along Marcos Highway close to Pan Wedding cake House. Apart from having cheap rates it’s very accessible to major visitor routes also. From Blue Mountain Hotel going to the city proper we take a Campo Sioco jeepney costing Php 8 just.50 per person. That will take 10 to 15 minutes. We might opt for an FX trip costing Php 35 also.00. Likely to the Philippine Army Academy we ride a KIAS-PMA jeepney and pay Php 14 simply.50 per person. To visit areas around Mines View Recreation area (Mansion House, Wright Park, Teachers’ Camp, and Botanical Garden) we simply go to the town proper via jeepney and trip a “Mines View Recreation area” jeepney following that, costing Php 8.50 each ride. If we opt for an FX cab trip directly from Blue Hill Hotel you will be charged us about Php 70.

If we go right northeast on Marcos Highway from Blue Mountain Hotel we’ll finish up at UP Baguio, Baguio General Medical center, Baguio INFIRMARY, and the Baguio Convention Center, amongst others. The environs of Blue Mountain Hotel afford us fresher and quiet air. Yet it also allows us easy access to main tourist sites in the populous city proper. Cheap lodging, quick access, picturesque views, easy transportation-everything most travelers look for in a lodging place, all offered by Blue Hill Hotel. The only problem now could be ways to get a slot machine when its often completely booked.

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