Botanical Garden

The Baguio Botanical Garden is situated east of Baguio’s downtown area. You will find it between Teacher’s Camp and the Pacdal Circle. Its main entry is along Leonard Wood Road and just next door from Gilberto’s Hotel and Baguio Vacation Resort. It is quite a big park and a comparable size as Burnham Recreation area.

Known as the Igorot Village Also, the Botanical Garden features native huts typical of the kind of Igorot dwellings within the Cordilleras. The village is normally said to catch the ethnic spirit and cultural legacy of the Igorots and getting tranquil and quiet, it is a nice spot to sit down and relax just, take a leisurely stroll along its narrow and winding pathways and in addition enjoy the scenery where you will see numerous plant life and trees.

Some years back again Igorot rituals and dances were held within an improvised outdoor stage within the village. Local students visit the Botanical Garden for a time of retreat or simply benefit from the outdoor environment. When going to the Botanical Backyard, you will most likely find a band of Igorots at the primary entrance who are dressed up in their authentic indigenous attire and regalia. They shall be more than pleased to pose with guests for a souvenir picture … of training course, for a fee.

There are plants that are sold at the Botanical Garden also, however, prior to deciding to buy any, remember that a few of these plants might not be ideal for replanting in lowland areas where in fact the climate is a lot more humid and warmer than that of Baguio. Just bear in mind that the populous city has an average elevation of about 5,000 feet (1,524 meters) above ocean level with a temperature several degrees less than that of Manila and the close by provinces in northern Luzon. It’ll probably be better to simply admire or have a photograph of the stunning plants and colorful flowers that are abundantly noticed and grown in Baguio.

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