Good Shepherd Convent

You shall find the nice Shepherd Convent in the Mines View Barangay. Its main entry is along Gibraltar Street in fact it is within strolling range from the souvenir shops at Mines Watch Park.

Being situated in the same general region, the convent is generally another stop for some visitors via Mines View Recreation area. For all those riding on a car, enter the convent’s gate and consider the driveway leading up to the parking great deal inside the compound. This is actually the middle of the substance where you will most likely find people waiting around to be offered by the salesclerks of a little store.

The store is popularly known for the different products produced by the Good Shepherd nuns and visitors approaching to the city who are aware of items sold in the store always help to make it a spot buy something to get back home. Being among the most sought products are fruit preserves, ube and strawberry jams, peanut and cashew brittle, and coco jam. The majority of their items are also offered by different stalls in the Baguio Community Market and at several other outlets within the town. The money produced from the sale of their items is used for the various charities sponsored by the nice Shepherd nuns and in addition for the maintenance and upkeep of the convent.

Within the compound are additional facilities and buildings of the convent. From being truly a convent Aside, it is also an accepted place where university and high school students from Catholic institutions spend their retreats. At one end of the parking great deal can be an observation deck where one reaches start to see the distant Cordillera mountains and a valley below which are likewise noticeable from the Mines View Park.

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