Session Road

Session Road is the primary thoroughfare of the town and the guts of Baguio’s business establishment. That’s where you will discover shops, banks, movie homes, and bazaars. There are some hotels also, bakeries, restaurants, newspaper stands, bookstores, boutiques, cafes, and studios along Session Road.

Regional residents, students in the various schools and universities in the city and visitors alike spend the majority of their leisure time just increasing and down Session Road. It is an accepted place to go window shopping, looking at people, or simply going for a leisurely walk during a cool and quite night or afternoon. Visitors should take notice that occupants of Baguio Town are predominantly Catholics so when the Angelus (a Catholic devotion honoring Annunciation and Incarnation) is meant to be recited at night at 6:00 o’clock, a loud continuous siren is heard all over the populous city to remind everyone about it.
At Angelus period, all vehicles come to a complete stop, in the center of the road even. Similarly, pedestrians also quit and bow their heads in prayer and greet one another “good evening” by the end of the siren. This custom made is probably only exclusive in Baguio City rather than likewise observed in other areas of the country.

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