Tam-Awan Village

The Tam-Awan Village is situated in the northwestern section of the populous city. To get the village, check out Bokawkan Street which is normally behind Camp Allen, change left at Ferguzon Road that leads to the Easter Weaving Area, and right to Tacay Road which can be an uphill climb then. Upon reaching the surface of the hill, have a right turn which road shall bring you to Tam-Awan Village. If you proceed on further, the road shall take you to the city of La Trinidad.

As a former resident of Baguio, I didn’t find out about the Tam-Awan Village ’till my go to sometime in 1999. A close friend of mine was kind more than enough showing me the place that i really appreciated. Viewing the Igorot huts reminded me a whole lot of a vacation I required to Bontoc Province some years back again where I saw several Igorot homes in the various villages I visited.

There are a variety of Igorot huts within the village that will allow you to observe how the homes of the mountain people actually look like. A chance is got by you to climb up the wooden ladder and see what’s inside each hut. This will provide you with an opportunity to feel what it really is like to end up being living in among these huts. Since these huts had been create on different places on a hillside, guests need to climb up the steep pathways to move from one hut to some other. For a lowlander who’s not familiar with Baguio’s high elevation, it can reach be quite an exciting experience to go to the Tam-Awan village. One will certainly find a have to rest at each hut merely to capture a breathe before climbing further up.

If you do have the ability to climb up to the hut located at the best stage in the village, you’ll be rewarded with a panoramic look at of the low-lying regions of La Union Province as well as the Gulf of Lingayen which lie due west of Baguio. In order to do this, make sure to period your ascent prior to the afternoon fog will come in, normally the scenic watch will not be noticeable and all that you’ll see is the heavy fog and the close by pine tress.
The village has a primary hut which serves as a store and an given information office for visitors. There are some native handicraft items which are sold apart from some books and publications about the Igorot people, their traditions and culture. You can even order a sizzling hot cup of native espresso which gets to be considered a welcome deal with after completing a tour of the whole village, on a cool and rainy day especially.

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